It has been said that the #1 factor for a successful student in an actively involved parent.

Parents have the ultimate responsibility to raise and educate their children biblically.

For this reason, Calvary Christian Academy desires to partner with Christian parents who are already providing Christian training at home and church, and who wish the school to assist them in developing Christian children and young people to maturity in Christ Jesus with the intent to evangelize their world in whatever vocation or life work they may choose.

To ensure that end, Calvary Christian Academy creates a culture where parents are valued and expected to be an integral part of their student’s educational success.

Evidenced by:

  • Parents are welcome into all of our facilities at any time especially during drop-off and pick-up, which allows for regular communication with teachers and staff.
  • Parents are welcome to attend field trips, chapel, class parties, and all school functions when their schedules permit.
  • We provide RenWeb as an online tool for parents to keep up to date on their child’s educational progress 24/7
  • We provide opportunities for parents and guardians to volunteer at all school functions.
  • We provide a Parent Teacher Fellowship (PTF) to allow parents to have an impact in our school.
  • We encourage parents to join committees for specific needs in order to provide wise counsel for our school.
  • We keep parents informed on disciplinary issues and create opportunities for parents to assist in the discipline process.
  • We have a prayer team of parents who provide a covering for our school.
  • We partner with parents to leverage educational, social, emotional, physical, and spiritual growth with shared information.
  • We support parents desires for moral and spiritual development of their child by creating that environment.
  • We provide “CCA Parent Academy” to educate parents on best-demonstrated practices for a variety of student needs.
  • We pray with and for our parents during times of challenge and provide solutions for those in need.


Without parental support, we cannot have a superior outcome. We value the relationships we develop with our families!